Prestige Therapy | Behavioral Therapy | Rhode Island

Prestige ABA Therapy Services  provides high quality, evidenced-based behavioral interventions and training to children and their families through a highly dedicated team of professionals.

Prestige ABA Therapy Services is owned and operated by Courtney Langello, a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist. Courtney also owns Prestige Therapy, which provides quality speech, occupational, and physical therapy to children ages 2 and up across multiple clinics throughout Rhode Island.

Courtney is passionate about serving other families who have children with exceptional needs.  Her journey began as a clinician working with children within a variety of settings with various speech-language needs and continued on while raising one of her own children who presented with exceptional needs from birth. These combined experiences gave her the knowledge and inspiration to help others with similar needs.

Courtney continues to build and grow her practices to become a highly valuable resource within her community.

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